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Mary and Heidi filming our commercial with Aaden, Ellie, Ben, Isaac and
Gillian. Mary's other daughter Shelly is over there on the right trying to
all those kids focused!



Mary opened Just Imagine Toys after her first grandchild Ben was born because she got tired of driving to Anchorage to find the good toys! She has been known to go on just a bit about her grandchildren. If you really want to make her day, ask to see a recent picture!


Favorite toy: Tea sets of any kind (we have quite a selection!)


Mary’s daughter Heidi spent a few years as a volunteer after the store opened, but eventually her mother started paying her! She’s the toy store expert on what tweens like (or at least she tries to keep up).


Favorite toy: Sophie the Giraffe, of course! There's never been a baby who didn't love her.






Heidi’s son Ben, our original toy tester, is now a toy consultant, part-time salesperson, and cashier-in-training. 


Favorite toy: Lego!

Ben makes custom Lego Christmas ornaments for us
sell at Christmas, they go quickly!



Isaac, Aaden, Ellie and Maya:

Mary's other four grandchildren are Just Imagine Toys’ newest toy testers. You will often find them dropping in to visit their grandma.


Favorite toys: Pretty much all of them (they are a little bit spoiled by their grandma).


Birthday Club
Wish List
EI Math Trekker - mult & div

Fire Truck Metal Speedster Ride On

Yomega Journey YoYo

Haba Color Hedgehog Rattle

Brio Metro Railroad

Sophie the Giraffe Let's Get Counting Board Book