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EI Math Trekker - add & subt

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Math Trekker Addition/Subtraction Kids can practice math facts wherever they go! Instead of bulky flash cards, kids can carry this stylish, portable electronic math quiz with the built-in carabiner clipped to their backpack. Math Trekker is self-correcting, with positive reinforcement. The musical payoff and desire to "beat your score" is a motivator for kids. Plus, this electronic item is nearly the cost of a pack of flash cards. 3" The nitty-gritty: Small unit with LCD screen and 0-9 number buttons Carabiner for easy attachment to a backpack Practice addition/subtraction or multiplication/division Drills math facts to 12 plus mixed practice Positive and negative tones for self-correcting feedback Timed quizzes tell the player how long it takes to answer every question correctly Special musical and visual payoff when all questions are answered correctly on the first try Requires 3 replaceable AG13 or LR44 batteries, included Multilingual options: choose to play in English, Spanish, French, or German Can be muted for quiet play How to Play: 1. Child chooses a level (e.g., 5). 2. Math Trekker then shows students math facts (e.g., 5 x 3 =) and the child must enter the answer and press enter. 3. Positive and negative tones tell the player if the answer is correct. If incorrect, the question is recycled to the end. 4. The child must answer all questions correctly to end the game and see the elapsed time.
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